Announcing FacilGo’s SOC 2 Certification

Today, FacilGo is pleased to announce that we have achieved SOC 2 certification. As we continue to deploy and scale our software across the U.S., a number of our customers have requested SOC 2 certification. Thanks to hard work by the entire team over the last year, roles and responsibilities have become crisply defined, processes have been rigorously documented, and security protocols tightened even further and we have achieved successful certification. While the SOC 2 journey incurred quite a bit of time and effort, the overall benefits to our customers clearly outweigh these extra costs and enable FacilGo to deliver highly secure, world-class software.

What is SOC 2?
SOC 2 (Service Organization Control 2) is a certification that evaluates a company’s information systems and processes to ensure they are secure, available, and maintain the privacy and integrity of data. The SOC 2 certification is issued by an independent auditor and is based on the Trust Services Criteria established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). The certification process is rigorous and can take well over a year to achieve.

Why Does SOC 2 Matter to FacilGo Customers?
Whether you are a Multifamily or Single Family Rental (SFR) owner or property manager, you need to protect your sensitive enterprise data and your resident’s data from cyber threats. In order to deliver our maintenance, turns and renovations automation solution, FacilGo software maintains a database of enterprise and resident data. We also integrate into leading Property Management solutions to enable seamless data flow that enables automation and eliminates manual steps from property operations. This data, whether stored in a database or in flight on the wire, must be secured against all threat vectors. Passing the SOC 2 certification process ensures that FacilGo has all of the controls in place to assure that our

What are the benefits of SOC 2 for Multifamily and SFR operators?

Protects sensitive data
Multifamily/SFR property managers handle a lot of sensitive information, including resident information, lease agreements, and financial data. SOC 2 certification ensures that property management software vendors have implemented appropriate measures to safeguard this information against cyber threats.

Compliance with industry regulations
Multifamily/SFR properties can be subject to a variety of regulations. SOC 2 certification demonstrates that property management software vendors are in compliance with these regulations, reducing the risk of fines and reputational damage.

Demonstrates commitment to security
SOC 2 certification requires a significant investment of time and resources for a company to achieve. By requiring it, property managers are showing their residents, investors, and partners that they take security seriously and are committed to working with vendors who prioritize security as well.

Increases transparency
SOC 2 certification provides a level of auditing and thus transparency into a software vendor’s security controls that may not be available otherwise. This can help property managers make more informed decisions about which vendors to work with and how to manage their own risk.

Improves risk management
By requiring SOC 2 certification, Multifamily/SFR property managers and owners are improving their risk management by ensuring that their software vendors have implemented appropriate controls to mitigate security and compliance risks.

FacilGo offers the industry’s leading maintenance, inspection, turns and renovations automation software solution. Our mission is to leverage this automation to improve your bottom line by making techs more efficient, speeding ticket closures for happier residents and reducing time to revenue with faster and more accurate turns and renovations. Our SOC 2 certification journey of the last year has taken our company processes and controls to the next level and positioned us to deliver this automation with assured security and compliance.

We urge you to require all of your property management software vendors to have SOC 2 certification – it is an important step in protecting sensitive data, ensuring compliance with industry regulations, and improving risk management. By working with vendors who prioritize security and transparency, Multifamily and SFR owners and property managers can rest assured that their operations are safe and secure.

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