Achieve Smarter, Profitable Maintenance Through AI

Forget the days when “maintenance” was synonymous with budget drains and resident complaints. In the age of smart tech, savvy property owners and managers are turning their maintenance programs into profit centers. And the secret weapon? AI-powered platforms like FacilGo.

Unleash Hidden Revenue

  • Chargeback Opportunities: FacilGo’s sophisticated platform uncovers unrealized revenue hiding in your maintenance process more efficiently and easily than current options, letting you recoup costs through resident chargebacks for damage or unapproved alterations.
  • Cost Optimization: Gain transparency from inspections through invoicing, pinpointing areas for cost reduction and streamlining procurement with FacilGo’s marketplace and supplier network.
  • Concierge Services: Leverage your skilled maintenance team for resident-pleasing concierge services, generating additional income, and boosting satisfaction.

AI-Powered Call Center Revolution for Better Value

  • Prioritize Emergencies: Eliminate call center chaos and unnecessary costs by identifying true emergencies with AI, ensuring on-call staff are efficiently deployed.
  • Automated Workflows: Forget tedious scheduling and manual tasks. FacilGo automates triaging, scheduling, and outsourcing, freeing up your staff for higher value work.
  • Skillset Matching: Match the right skillset to every job, whether in-house or 3rd-party, for optimal efficiency and resident satisfaction.
  • Simplified Resident Requests: Give residents multiple channels to submit requests – call, email, text, or even through the FacilGo portal, increasing convenience and boosting their experience.
  • Standalone Access: Gain access to FacilGo’s Call Center Assist module, even if you aren’t leveraging other FacilGo products. But imagine the power you can harness if you adopt our full suite of products!

One Platform for All Your Maintenance Needs

  • Easy Integration: FacilGo seamlessly integrates with leading PMS platforms, making implementation smooth and hassle-free.
  • Flexible Technology: Adapt FacilGo to your evolving needs with its configurable platform, ensuring your maintenance strategy stays ahead of the curve.
  • Mobile Efficiency: Empower staff and suppliers with our mobile app, even in areas with limited connectivity, keeping work orders moving.
  • Real-Time Insights: Monitor progress and make data-driven decisions with FacilGo’s real-time dashboard for faster work order completion, improved resident satisfaction, and money saving insights into your maintenance program.

Ready to transform your maintenance program from cost center to profit center? Contact us today and schedule a demo to see how AI can unlock the hidden potential in your rental portfolio.

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