About Us

FacilGo is your unified solution for maintenance, turns and renovations. Our mobile-enabled FacilGo maintenance and renovation solutions connect work orders, communications, procurement, services, bidding, project management and invoicing into a single process, tying together every transaction into a unified database while synching with your PMS and accounting software. For the first time, every step in the maintenance and renovations workflow from work order creation to communications to paying vendors and resident chargebacks is now tied together, eliminating manual steps and errors in order to improve staff efficiency, increase resident satisfaction and maximize NOI and ROI.

Deployed at numerous properties across North America, the FacilGo platform supporting the Maintenance, Maintenance Plus and Renovations applications is built for scale and security. Our smallest customers have less than 500 doors yet we have proven our ability to scale with our largest customers that boast over 50,000 doors. Fully SOC 2 compliant, our company processes and software are designed to grow with you as you scale and deliver the industry’s highest levels of security. FacilGo helps you deliver a great experience for your residents and directly impacts the bottom line with dramatically improved maintenance team efficiency, faster turns and smarter renovations.

Our Story

Back in the early days of SaaS and procurement software, Ken Murai helped lead the efforts to create OpsTechnology, the leading procurement marketplace for multifamily, acquired by RealPage in 2008.

Several years later, Ken and another partner started a SFR home portfolio. While it was a small portfolio of 50 homes, over time Ken experienced firsthand the challenges of renovating and operating SFR properties. Getting quality maintenance work done on the rental homes was inefficient and extremely frustrating due to the lack of good technology solutions on the market. Suppliers were also frustrated by how difficult it was to grow their businesses and operate efficiently.

Ken realized that he could leverage his experience in proptech and as an SFR operator to build an innovative solution that would streamline distributed maintenance, turns and renovations for SFR, MF and Student Housing operators. With this solution, operators would save money and deliver a better resident experience and it would simultaneously help suppliers grow. Thus, FacilGo® was born.

The Team

Ken Murai

Chief Executive Officer

Brad Chandler

SVP Sales and Operations

Rupesh Shah

VP, Engineering