The Necessity of Remote Maintenance

For years, the Multifamily market worked under the mantra that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.  COVID-19 has changed all of that.  The only way we can keep resident, staff and suppliers safe is to do things differently than we have in the past.  Fortunately, technology gives us the ability handle the needs of the present around safety and efficiency.  We can do more remotely than ever before.  Tools that help companies perform remote maintenance are what companies need to embrace.

At FacilGo®, we define remote maintenance as the ability to perform much of the maintenance process without having to come in contact with other parties.  This means minimizing contact between staff and residents, staff and suppliers, staff and other experts to solve maintenance issues.

Software platforms exist that allow users to collection information remotely and use the information to coordinate how we get things done.  This allows us to minimize contact, and make our processes less costly and more efficient than ever.

Many companies have taken baby steps in using text messaging, Face Time, and Zoom or even inspection apps.  The problem with these approaches is that either the data that is collected can’t be easily shared or used in other parts of your processes, or even worse, may result in sharing private information on your staff’s personal devices.  While the market is doing everything possible to band-aid approaches to complete  the work, we need to expand and enhance processes to allow data sharing across the organization, collaboration on problems, and uphold  privacy rules.

While we aren’t the only game in town, FacilGo® provides the only platform to comprehensively cover the entire remote maintenance process.  For us, maintenance involves much more than just inspections and work orders; maintenance is a collaborative process involving many features to solve problems, real-time collaboration with suppliers, achievement of resident satisfaction and supporting financial controls and insights to drive an efficient process.  We tie together operations, residents, and suppliers to collaborate on issues to get the work done.  We  do this in a manner that allows usage of personal devices without compromising personal data.

We are all trying to solve the same problem.  We need to keep get maintenance work completed with reduced staffs, while keeping minimal contact and lowering expenses.  Fortunately, technology provides and answer.  We just need to be willing to embrace these changes so we can meet the challenge of our times.

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