FacilGo Capital & Renovations

Maximize the return on your capital and renovation investments.

The FacilGo Capital & Renovations software solution enables multifamily and single-family asset managers to easily plan, model, execute, and measure the performance of capital and renovation projects. The comprehensive software solution guides you and your team through the renovation process step-by-step, including detailed planning and financial scenario modeling, allocating work to suppliers, ordering approved services and products, managing project execution and measuring financial performance. It’s all automated by the FacilGo software solution with a seamless user experience across web and mobile user interfaces.

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Key Capabilities and Benefits

1- money
Advanced Planning & Financial Modelling
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Mobile Inspection
Efficient Execution
4- group
Mobile Collaboration
5- real-time
Real-time ROI Analysis
6- negotiation
Spend Control
7- p2p
Contract Management
Rich Documentation

FacilGo improved our capital and renovation process significantly. We can iterate on the pro forma model so approved projects start with a well defined plan with clear financial objectives. Furthermore, we achieved new levels of efficiency by eliminating manual project planning and management - the team can now spend their time focused on more strategic initiatives.

Advanced Financial Modelling and Analysis

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Spend Control and Procurement Compliance

We no longer have to wait weeks for the accounting team to manually enter invoices followed by the renovation team mapping each invoice against an appropriate work order and unit. With FacilGo now we can understand the actuals for each project and calculate ROI in real time. It is a game changer for me and my team.

Intuitive Renovation Planning and Execution

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About the FacilGo Enterprise Software Platform (ESP)

The FacilGo Capital & Renovations solution is built atop of the FacilGo Enterprise Software Platform (FacilGo ESP). FacilGo ESP supports rich web and mobile applications, is hosted in Google Cloud and boasts its own highly secure and scalable enterprise data warehouse and transaction engine. Every step in the capital and renovation process and associated data is captured and recorded as a transaction. All transactions are linked together and data from the previous transaction informs the next step in the process to ensure a holistic process where every transaction and communication is tracked and visible so that no detail falls through the cracks. FacilGo ESP was built with scale in mind and its modern software architecture can grow with you from hundreds to tens of thousands of residences. With full SOC2 compliance, FacilGo offers enterprise grade security across all software and internal processes, ensuring that your data is safe. FacilGo ESP leads the industry with rich APIs and integrations with the leading PMS and accounting Only FacilGo offers an end-to-end, enterprise-grade platform that supports both web and mobile applications to support the full ecosystem of internal staff, suppliers and residents.

See It In Action

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