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FacilGo Maintenance and Maintenance Plus

Improve Resident Satisfaction and Owner/Operator NOI

The FacilGo Maintenance and Maintenance Plus software solutions enable single-family rental (SFR), multifamily (MF) and Student Housing (SH) operators to centralize, automate, monitor, analyze and continuously optimize the end-to-end maintenance, inspections and turns processes. FacilGo is the only platform that tracks every transaction in the process so your team has complete visibility and all the data you need to improve resident satisfaction while reducing costs. Our customers see up to a 35% reduction in overall maintenance costs.

FacilGo Maintenance Software Solution

The FacilGo Maintenance Solution is our foundational, centralized maintenance, inspections and turns software for operators who place maintenance staff on-site at each property to handle basic maintenance tasks with the ability to outsource complex tasks to specialty vendors.

Key Capabilities and Benefits

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Work Order Scheduling
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Mobile Inspection
Work Order Proccessing
Status Monitoring Via Dashboard
Dynamic Turns Dashbaord
Communication Tracking
Procurement Management
FacilGo Supplier Network

Simplified Scheduling and Unified Communications

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Dashboard Insights for Fast Work Order Closure

Mobile App Supercharges Staff/Supplier Efficiency

The fact that both vendors and field staff have the FacilGo mobile app and that it is synchronized with the web interface used by maintenance leadership has been a game changer for us. The ability to use a mobile app to progress the work order from the residence with photos, procure approved products really helped streamline our process. And the bonus is that whether the field teams are well connected, poorly connected or not connected at all, they can still use the app to get their job done.

Streamlined Inspections and Rich Dashboards for Faster Turns

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Exclusive Marketplace and Supplier Network

FacilGo Maintenance Plus Software Solution

FacilGo Maintenance Plus is our software solution built to address and centralize the distributed maintenance challenge for SFR and MF operators with scattered units across multiple markets. This software solution contains all of the capabilities of FacilGo Maintenance, “plus” a number of key enhancements.

Additional Capabilities and Benefits

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Smart Scheduling
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Bid and Contract Management
Smart Routing

Smart Scheduling for Distributed Maintenance

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Before FacilGo I was spending about 70% of my time coordinating and triaging schedules for staff and suppliers. With the centralization and Smart Scheduling provided by FacilGo Maintenance Plus, I now only spend about 10% of my time on those mundane tasks. As a result, I’ve been able to turn my attention to improving our overall maintenance process to help improve resident satisfaction. This has also improved my own job satisfaction as well.

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Smart Routing to Optimize Your Staff’s Maintenance Journey

Centralized Bid and Contracts Management for Spend Control

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At FirstKey Homes, we strive to deliver great service to our residents. FacilGo Maintenance Plus has allowed us to improve our resident experience and complete work orders more quickly, while achieving a reduction in maintenance costs. Furthermore, FacilGo's ability to integrate flexibly with our processes and scale to support our nearly 53,000 homes has been critical to this mission.


FacilGo Maintenance Automation


Inspections and Turns Automation

Optional Add-on Modules

Inventory and Fixed Asset Management

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About the FacilGo Enterprise Software Platform (ESP)

The FacilGo Maintenance and Maintenance Plus solutions are built atop of the FacilGo Enterprise Software Platform (FacilGo ESP). FacilGo ESP supports rich web and mobile applications, is hosted in Google Cloud and boasts its own highly secure and scalable enterprise data warehouse and transaction engine. Every step in the capital and renovation process and associated data is captured and recorded as a transaction. All transactions are linked together and data from the previous transaction informs the next step in the process to ensure a holistic process where every transaction and communication is tracked and visible so that no detail falls through the cracks. FacilGo ESP was built with scale in mind and its modern software architecture can grow with you from hundreds to tens of thousands of residences. With full SOC2 compliance, FacilGo offers enterprise grade security across all software and internal processes, ensuring that your data is safe. FacilGo ESP leads the industry with rich APIs and integrations with the leading PMS and accounting platforms. Only FacilGo offers an end-to-end, enterprise-grade platform that supports both web and mobile applications to support the full ecosystem of internal staff, suppliers and residents.

See It In Action

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