Best Practices: Multifamily Maintenance Procurement

In the multifamily world, keeping tenants happy and buildings running smoothly is a constant balancing act. But there’s one area that can often be overlooked as a key player in this equation: procurement.

What is Multifamily Maintenance Procurement?

Simply put, procurement is the process of acquiring goods and services needed for your properties. In multifamily maintenance, this translates to everything from light bulbs and air filters to plumbing repairs and landscaping contracts.

Why is it Important?

Efficient procurement can significantly impact your bottom line. By optimizing your purchasing process, you can:

  • Reduce costs: Negotiating better rates with vendors, standardizing products, and avoiding impulse buys can lead to substantial savings.
  • Improve efficiency: Streamlined processes mean less time spent chasing down quotes and approvals, freeing up your team to focus on core tasks and staying on-site.
  • Enhance resident satisfaction: Timely repairs, communication, and well-maintained amenities contribute to a positive living experience.

Best Practices for Multifamily Maintenance Procurement

Here are some key strategies to consider:

  • Centralize your procurement: Designate a point person or team to handle all purchasing decisions. This ensures consistency and allows for better vendor negotiation.
  • Standardize whenever possible: From appliances and floorcovering to window coverings and cleaning supplies, using the same products across different properties simplifies ordering and potentially reduces costs.
  • Embrace technology: Utilize online procurement platforms like FacilGo to streamline the process, track inventory, and analyze spending patterns.
  • Build strong supplier relationships: Develop partnerships with reliable vendors who offer competitive rates and excellent service.
  • Plan and budget strategically: Anticipate upcoming maintenance needs and factor them into your budget. Consider bulk purchasing for frequently used items.

Beyond Cost Savings

While cost reduction is a major benefit, effective procurement goes beyond just saving money. It’s about establishing a system that ensures you have the right resources at the right time to keep your residents happy and your properties in top shape. Following these best practices will help increase compliance, reduce unforeseen problems, and boost collaboration and efficiency.

Taking the Next Step

By implementing these best practices and embracing technology solutions like FacilGo,, you can create a multifamily maintenance procurement strategy that contributes to the overall success of your business. 

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