Taming the SFR Maintenance Chaos: How FacilGo Brings Order to the Single-Family Rental Market

The Single Family Rental (SFR) market is alive and kicking. According to a recent study, it is said that the 2024 US SFR  market outlook “holds significant promise”. Some residents have even stated that a “maintenance-free lifestyle” is one of the attractions of living in an SFR property. So what does that mean for SFR maintenance programs?

For property managers juggling single-family rentals, the never-ending game of maintenance requests can feel overwhelming. Keeping track of resident issues, assigning in-house technicians to requests, finding credible service providers for out of scope jobs, comparing quotes, and ensuring resident satisfaction can quickly turn into a full-time job.

FacilGo steps in to help solve these issues with a comprehensive software solution platform specifically designed to address the challenges of distributed SFR maintenance.

See Clearly, Manage Efficiently

FacilGo provides transparency you can trust. Residents can easily submit work orders with clear descriptions and helpful images, giving you a complete picture of the problem at hand. Having this information aids in clarifying what the problem is and how to fix it before assigning the work. Streamlined technician workflows with check-in/check-out features ensure smooth transitions, whether you’re relying on in-house staff or third-party suppliers.

Cost Control Meets Quality Assurance

FacilGo empowers you to take control of maintenance costs and ensure quality work. Utilize “Not-To-Exceed” orders to establish price standardization and avoid budget surprises. Get competitive quotes to ensure you’re getting the best value, while resident satisfaction surveys help you identify top-performing suppliers. 

And don’t leave money on the table! FacilGo also helps uncover hidden revenue through unrealized charge-back opportunities.

Embrace the Power of Flexibility

FacilGo champions a hybrid maintenance approach that maximizes efficiency. Leverage  skillset matching to allocate routine tasks to the most qualified staff member, freeing up their time for more strategic priorities. When specialized work arises, or your staff’s  workload demands additional resources, FacilGo’s Supplier Network seamlessly expands your team with qualified professionals.

Don’t let SFR maintenance become a monster you can’t tame. FacilGo brings order to the chaos, empowering you to manage your properties with greater efficiency, transparency, and control. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your operations run more efficiently.

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