NSPIRE – New standards in affordable housing inspections

If you deal with Affordable Housing, you are probably familiar with the inspection standards that go along with it. REAC (Real Estate Assessment Center) was created by HUD to impart Uniform Physical Condition Standards (UPCS) to ensure a dwelling is “decent, safe, sanitary, and in good repair”. 

HUD has now re-examined REAC’s inspection standards and implemented a new standard: NSPIRE (National Standards for the Physical Inspection of Real Estate). This new standard replaces REAC, LIHTC, HOME, BOND and other affordable programs to align inspection processes, and applies to over 5.5 million units in the US. 

What you need to know

NSPIRE inspectable areas include Unit (where the resident lives), Inside (common areas and building systems not inside a unit), and Outside (the building site, exterior of the building, sidewalks, parking lots, etc.).

The NSPIRE sample size is now based on the following:

  • Total number of units (can vary based on HFA)
  • Vacant units (only inspected if under 85% occupied)
  • Buildings with sample units
  • Up to 5 more resident recommended units can be inspected by HUD

New affirmative habitability requirements have been established by NSPIRE. There are 8 Critical Areas of Habitability and Safety:

  • Fire Safety
  • Water Safety
  • Mold & Moisture
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Infestation
  • Lead-Based Paint
  • Structural Integrity
  • Habitability

What you can do to make the process easier

Address issues before they become a HUD deemed deficiency. Examples of deficiencies include plumbing clogs/leaks, inoperable or missing lighting, damaged door surfaces/frames/seals/trims, damaged or inoperable gates or fences, mold, mildew, etc.

Plan Ahead and Be Prepared

Complete Pre-NSPIRE inspections and send notices

  • Conduct unit inspections, both indoors and outdoors
  • Complete your make ready checklist, perform preventive maintenance, and complete work orders

Assemble required documentation

  • Upload certifications before inspection day
  • Report water safety alerts
  • Include a site map, rent roll, and copy of notice

Understand what’s expected on inspection day

  • Accompany inspector and give access to all areas
  • Have staff on hand to aid inspection if needed
  • Review inspection scores and respond quickly

Stay up to date with NSPIRE changes

  • Keep staff informed and trained
  • Sign up for updates, newsletters, etc.

Use Technology to Aid with Inspections and Reduce Costs

Streamlining and tracking the NSPIRE inspection process can be daunting and inaccurate if you don’t have the right tools to do the job. FacilGo is equipped with NSPIRE inspection tools and can help streamline your NSPIRE compliance process, reducing staff time and saving you from potentially costly penalties. 

The FacilGo comprehensive software platform offers:

  • Effortless NSPIRE Readiness: Ensure compliance and receive NSPIRE scores to provide insight to potential HUD penalties.
  • Cost Effective Solutions: With FacilGo’s relationship within the MRO network, certain modules are available at no cost.
  • Comprehensive Marketplace and Service Network: Control product and service availability to achieve spend compliance.
  • Integrated Mobile Functionality: Eliminate paper, increase collaboration, and improve efficiency. 
  • Expanded Service Supplier Network: Increase your resources with access to our national supplier network.


  • 60-70% Less Mundane Tasks: Free your team for resident focus.
  • Corporate Standards Met: Ensure consistent and compliant operations across all properties.
  • Reduce Financial Risk: NSPIRE inspections provide insight into potential costly issues.
  • Improved Resident Satisfaction: Faster response, better communication, happier residents.

For more information on our comprehensive compliance and maintenance software solution, reach out to our dedicated sales team who will be happy to give you a personalized demo.

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