Maintenance Shouldn’t Be a Chore: Addressing pain points in your maintenance operations

Let’s face it – traditional maintenance can feel like a never-ending chore. Reactive repairs, misdiagnosed emergencies, disorganized workflows, and inefficient communication leave everyone frustrated. Technicians are battling backlogs, managers are drowning in paperwork, and tenants are left waiting in the lurch. How can you overcome these recurring challenges?

From Reactive to Proactive

Shifting the focus from fixing problems to preventing them is a good place to start. Having a  preventive maintenance program in place to help identify potential issues before they become issues, saves you both time and money.

Scheduling regular preventive maintenance tasks based on manufacturer recommendations and historical data helps to ensure optimal equipment performance, in turn reducing hard costs.

End Paperwork Purgatory

Tired of having a paper trail due to inefficient and disparate systems? Try embracing a centralized digital system like FacilGo to streamline work orders, inspections, and reports in one single location.

Help end the paper purgatory with automating certain routine tasks like establishing recurring work orders, sending work order notifications, maintaining fixed assets with electronic warranties and user manuals, freeing up your team’s time to focus on more critical work.

Alleviate Communication Breakdown

Are you finding yourself in a communication silo? Are signals getting crossed because your data isn’t accurately updating in a timely manner? Instant messaging, real-time information, and updates in the FacilGo platform can help end the frustration caused by poor communication. With the ability to generate work orders from service requests, inspections, or your PMS, get everyone on the same page and spend less time triaging and more time working on your next task.

Harness the Power of AI

Are resident communications and an overwhelmed call center and staff issues, too? With the use of FacilGo’s Call Center Assist, residents can enter work order requests 24/7 through call, email, text or through our resident portal.

Requests are received, issue importance is determined, and staff is accurately deployed based on urgency and technician skillset. Call Center Assist automates triaging, scheduling, and outsourcing to optimize your staff activities. It can even identify and automatically transfer calls to a live agent when anger is detected or when repeated live agent requests from the caller are received.

Residents can receive work order request progress, communicate with service techs and/or service suppliers, and receive completion notifications. Happier residents, more bandwidth for your staff to focus on higher priority and higher value tasks, and cost savings? Yes, please!

Shine the Light on Data

Getting your data out of the dark helps to identify trends, optimize workflows, and make data-driven decisions, helping to increase operational efficiency. With real time work order status across units and properties, and robust inspection and chargeback reporting, your resident, staff, and supplier satisfaction can do nothing but improve.

By generating insightful reports, you can track technician performance, identify areas of improvement, and measure the overall effectiveness of your maintenance program. In fact, our customers have reported up to a 35% reduction in overall maintenance costs!

Empower Your Staff

Give your staff the power to increase their efficiency with FacilGo’s mobile app. Staff and suppliers can work either connected to WiFi or with poor or no internet connection. Your team can receive updated assignments and schedules, document work orders with pre- and post- photos, procure approved products directly in the app, and progress work orders from the field.

Say Goodbye to Maintenance Woes

Let FacilGo help you transform your maintenance operations into a well-oiled machine, leaving more time and resources for what matters most. Contact us today for a customized demo to see how our solutions can help transform your maintenance operations.

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