Top 5 Turn Issues and How to Solve Them

What a Summer!! Turns are behind us and now, it’s time to assess what we did, how we did it, and how we can improve the process and resident experience for next time. Here at FacilGo®, we experienced a lot with property managers over these last few months and wanted to share some of that […]

Implementing Beneficial Software Is Easy with the Right Partner

The world is changing much faster than ever before, and those companies that are not continuously improving run the risk of being left behind. New software systems can provide more efficient ways to operate your business by integrating each step of the process (e.g. your inspections, work orders and purchase orders can be presented on […]

The Value of Setting Standards on Products, Services and GL Coding

Setting standards on products, services, approval processes, and GL codes not only makes your process more efficient, but also saves you money and makes costs (and budgets) more predictable. When paired with software to elevate visibility and enforce controls, your organization can more easily get the right things done, and eliminate time spent wondering what […]

Insights into the Future of Property Maintenance

Technology has greatly impacted the sales and leasing side of property management. The industry has seen how companies like Zillow and Airbnb change how we market and sell online. Facilgo wanted to understand if the operations and maintenance side had been similarly impacted. Specifically, we wanted to understand how changes in technology or other external forces […]